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Cucina Kristina | cucinakristina.comHello! I am a California native living in the Windy City who enjoys cooking, gardening, sewing, snowboarding, traveling, wine tasting, and blogging. I hail from southern California and have been living in Chicago since 2005.

I cook daily for myself because I love to eat and the kitchen is the room in the house where I feel most at home. Over the years I have had as many flops in the kitchen as successes, but I am not afraid to try new foods or alter a recipe and I welcome your ideas, recipe suggestions, and comments. The thing I love most about cooking is that it exercises each of your five senses. I love the sound onions and garlic make while sautéing in olive oil as much as the smell they emit throughout the house. I have been known to spend hours in the grocery store carefully feeling each item in the produce section in an attempt to find the firmest green pepper or the ripest mango.

Welcome! Hop on, enjoy the ride, and please come back often.

Say Hello!


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