Five Senses Friday – June 7


Sight – I stumbled upon this adorable animation film last night and have watched it no less than 10 times. It’s so silly and makes me laugh!

“Two Chips” / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo.

Hear – Believe it or not, I discovered this woman’s voice when I was shopping in Crate and Barrel. The overhead music they play isn’t always terrible! Her voice is seductive and she is gorgeous; it makes me sad that I don’t live in Ireland and have the ability to see this woman perform live.

Feel – I submitted my final teaching portfolio on Wednesday (yay!) and am breathing a huge sigh of relief because school is OVER. Never in a million years did I ever imagine that graduate school would be as time-consuming as it was. I feel as though I have been completely MIA since I enrolled in my teaching program; I hope my friends remember my face! šŸ™‚ I am looking forward to enjoying the summer. Now, if only the weather would cooperate!

Cucina Kristina |

55Ėš what? IT’S JUNE!

Smell – Our peonies are blooming! We picked a few and brought them inside. They have been livening up our kitchen all week. I wish they lasted longer! Because they are so delicate, I stood them upright in an empty pasta sauce jar while I looked for a vase. I ended up thinking they looked really cute in the empty sauce jar, especially in the kitchen, so I kept them in there all week.

Use an empty sauce jar as a vase! Cucina Kristina |


Taste – The two giant rose bushes we have in the yard are also in bloom. They were totally barren up until a few days ago. I intended to make rose water last summer and never got around to it. That is on my definitely to-do list this year! Rose water has many beauty benefits, but something about rose water cocktails and rose water ice cream is intriguing to me. I love, love, LOVE floral teas and am looking forward to experimenting with homemade rose water.

Cucina Kristina |



4 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday – June 7

  1. There are literally tears streaming down my face šŸ˜€ That lil’ chip cartoon caught me off-guard and just struck me so funny! I am still laughing – I needed that today. “i don’t think you KNOW me” and “I’m nacho friend” are going to be running jokes around the house for quite awhile methinks.

  2. FIVE SENSES FRIDAY, my favorite. Loved the interactive touch this Friday… Really liked Imelda’s topknot part of her hairdoo… I eat flowers; love dandelion greens/roots; tulips. NY had temps in the 40’s 50’s and a three day heat wave in the 90’s.; Today a deluge L/P

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