April Photo A Day – Days 9-14

I have been taking my photos each day, but have been too tired in the evenings to post them and write blog entries. I am telling you… these Kindergarteners are tiring me out! I am better about posting them to my Instagram so if you are in Instagram look me up under cucina_kristina.

Cucina Kristina | cucinakristina.com

Day 9: Tiny – Tiny raindrops make for big storms! We had a rainy week in Chicago and from the looks of the weather forecast, it doesn’t look like this coming week will be any different. I am trying to stay positive and think about the wonderful flowers all of the rain will bring next month, but I am getting a little antsy for nicer weather!

Day 10: A Place – This is the Kindergarten classroom I am student teaching in. This is one of the best school experiences I have ever had. I am learning so much from student teaching and can’t wait to have a classroom of my own next year!

Day 11: Detail – I taught a lesson in perspective this week. I read the students Duck! Rabbit! and then had them decide whether they thought the character in the story was a duck or a rabbit. The kids loved it and got super into it. I love Kindergarten artwork!

Day 12: In The Middle – This is a collection of chocolates that I picked up from Chocolat’ in Galena during our ski trip last month. My favorite was a toss-up between the chocolate chili truffle and the salted caramel square. I had planned on enjoying these as treats throughout the week, but they didn’t even make it home!

Day 13: View From Your Bed – Our bedroom is on the list as the next room makeover in our house. Right now we have boring white walls, no window treatments, and a mishmash of furniture. This is the view from my bed looking into our living room. I am still working on my pull-up (hence the pull-up bar in our doorway).

Day 14: Water – Does anyone else like to do dishes or is it just me? Dishes are probably the one house chore that I honestly don’t mind doing. We have a dishwasher, but I rarely use it. My knives and pots and pans have to be washed by hand so I find that it isn’t much more time-consuming to just do all of our dishes by hand. By the time I finish washing my pots, pans, and knives, I’m only left with a few plates and some forks. I am sure the dishwasher will get more use as our family grows, but for now it serves as our dish drying rack.


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