April Photo A Day – Day 6: “Air”

Somewhere over Colorado

Somewhere over Colorado

I took this picture on my flight from Chicago to California. When I fly domestically I usually pick a seat as close to the front of the plane as possible, even if it is a middle seat. I like to get on and off the plane as quickly as possible, and since I tend to sleep on planes, getting an aisle or a window seat isn’t usually important to me. My flight was booked solid and the only 4 seats available were in the back of the plane so I opted for the window seat. I snapped this pic somewhere over Colorado shortly before falling asleep for the rest of the flight.


2 thoughts on “April Photo A Day – Day 6: “Air”

  1. A beautiful picture! I just had so much fun looking through a few pages of your blog! 1. I’m from California now living in Chicago and 2. I just recently visited Colorado for my first time. Freaky cool? 🙂

    • Thanks! I love your blog, too. Your posts and love for this city remind me of why I love living here so much. I’ve been super homesick the past couple of months so it is nice to take a look at Chicago through some fresh eyes 🙂

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