Five Senses Friday

Sight – I love looking at Christmas lights in December! It is one of my favorite childhood memories. In California, we have two really amazing Christmas light displays. One is in Fountain Valley and the other is in Naples. There is an entire neighborhood in Fountain Valley near Brookhurst St. & Heil Ave. where people intricately embellish their homes, each more elaborate than the next. The homes in Napels (near Long Beach, California) also decorate their homes beautifully. You can walk along the canal and see them all reflecting off the water. I was looking for something comparable in Chicago, but haven’t been able to find anything. We drove up to Lincolnwood this week to check out some areas that people were raving about. While these lights were gorgeous, they did not hold a candle to the ones I am used to seeing in California. I am excited to be home for the holidays and get my fill of Christmas lights!

Hear – I have mentioned how much I love listening to old vintage radio shows. So, when a Groupon popped up to see the 1940’s radio rendition of It’s a Wonderful Life at the Biograph Theater, I couldn’t turn it down. This was one of the best things I have seen all year! Since this was a play, it should technically be listed under “sight,” but I am putting it here because it felt like I watching a recording of a radio show. They had a live Foley artist doing sound effects, took “commercial breaks,” and had people performing multiple character voices. It was so, so, so cool!

Smell – Since I have such a long school break, I am going to be spending almost 3 weeks in California for the holidays. We decided against getting a real Christmas tree since I wouldn’t be around for all of December. I am really missing the smell of a real tree around the house! I thought about getting a wreath from our local nursery to bring that pine smell into our home, but time got away from me. I leave on Tuesday morning! Oh well, next year!

I love old wooden ornaments!

I love old wooden ornaments!

Feel – My Foodie Penpal from last month, Kellie, sent me a surprise Christmas gift yesterday! I can’t explain how much my heart swelled with the Christmas spirit when I opened the package. It was a totally unexpected surprise and it was so thoughtful!

Love the duct tape!

Love the patterned shipping tape!

Taste – One of my friends is moving to Europe so we went to dinner at Sprout on Tuesday night. It is Dale Levitski’s restaurant for those of you that are fans of Top Chef. We decided to do the 10 course tasting menu and wow… the food was so good! Out of all 10 dishes, I didn’t care much for two of them. However, those two dishes were still unbelievably flavorful and beautiful plated. I don’t know how the judges on Top Chef do it.

Happy Friday!


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