Five Senses Friday

Sight – I watched this beautiful time-lapse video of Chicago this week. I think it captures the city’s charm perfectly. 2:40 is the venue I was married in!

Hear – I received my student teaching placement for the spring quarter. I will be in a kindergarten classroom at the school that was my #1 choice. I am going to start visiting once a week to get acclimated to the classroom culture and get to know the kids. This week I went with them to P.E., Technology, and recess. Kindergarteners are LOUD, but I love it! The sound of kids playing, laughing, crying, whining, and talking is infinitely better than the hum of fluorescent lights or the drone of computers that saturated my old cubicle.

Feel – I had to see the endonologist today for a toothache. I may need a root canal. I am pretty nervous and upset about the idea of a root canal. It sounds super painful.

Smell – Today as I left for work, I noticed the last rose on our rose bush clinging to life. It is refusing to give into the chilly fall weather. I took a whif before snapping this picture.

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

Taste – Saturday was the last day of the outdoor Green City Farmer’s Market. It is one of my favorite Farmer’s Markets in the city. It does remain open year-round at an indoor location, but it is not the same. I love the changing of the seasons, but I hate saying goodbye to summer and fall.

Cucina Kristina: Ornamental Cabbage

Ornemental Cabage

The thing I love the most about Farmer’s Markets are the unique finds you can stumble upon. One of my go-to vendors, Tomato Mountain Farm, sells awesome salsa. My favorite is their Habanero Salsa. Don’t be fooled by the Habanero! The heat is very nice, not overly spicy, but definitely comes through in flavor. This is the type of salsa that dances on your taste buds as opposed to frying them!

The fire roasted salsa is tasty, too!

I also bought some Bogatyr garlic. Being from California, I love my garlic. Did you know that California supplies 90% of the garlic grown in the United States? I’d never heard of Bogatyr garlic, but the sign above it intrigued me.

The internet reveals that the correct spelling of this should be “Bogatyr” garlic.

As you can see at the bottom of the photo, this garlic is purple and white striped. So fun!

What is tickling your five senses this week?


3 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday

  1. Sight – The Last Leaf. I was so impacted by the O Henry short story that I followed the last leaf on the newly planted baby tree outside the window nest to my bed. It is gone, now, along with its sister. They stayed for days long after their siblings flew away.

    Sound – The scrambling of squirrels through the leaves as they gathered their food for the winter and stored it away.

    Smell – The smell of burning wood from someone’s fireplace as I walked in my neighborhood. I knew not where it came from. I inhaled multiple times for as long as I could to make the experience last as long as possible while continuing to walk.

    Taste – The taste of almost any food after one of my long walks in the cold… a slice of toasted still warm wheat bread with butter, a freshly cut tomato from my neighbor’s garden that was given to me green and turned red in my kitchen on a slice of Italian bread with mayonaise and lettuce… a cup of hot, hot black coffee…

    Feel – The feel of the cold wind on my face as I walk one way and the feel of the wind on my back as I return..

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