Five Senses Friday

Sight – This week I watched this adorable video called Caine’s Arcade. I was incredibly inspired not only by Caine, but also by the filmmaker, Nirvan. I think we can all learn a small lesson from watching Nirvan’s childlike spirit. I can’t help but think of all the people who walked past Caine’s arcade without giving it a second thought because they were rushing home to make dinner, hurrying to catch a bus, or just thought it was a silly little project Caine was working on to occupy himself over the summer. I think as adults we often lose the ability to PLAY because we get caught up in paying bills, working overtime, sitting in traffic, household chores, etc., etc.

This time next year, I will be teaching in a Chicago Public School, most likely in a low-income area. I wish every teacher, principal, and administrator would watch this video and realize that you do not need fancy supplies and expensive electronic equipment to spark creativity and innovation amongst kids. I think it also shows the importance of project-based learning. I can’t wait to use this idea in my future classroom and see what kids will make using everyday cardboard items. The possibilities are endless!

Hear – I saw Regina Spektor live in concert at the Chicago Theater on Wednesday night. Holy moly. That was one of the best live concerts I have ever been to in my life. She is incredibly talented and wonderful live.

Feel – I activated my 3-month membership to Pure Wellness this week. I can’t say enough fantastic things about this place. Small class sizes (maximum of 10), serene atmosphere, great teachers, awesome support from the ladies that attend the classes, and a clean facility. I had been going there consistently all summer but haven’t been in almost 8 weeks. Terrible! I started off with my favorite class they offer, Pure Core. Boy am I feeling muscles I forgot I had!

Smell – My favorite smell in the entire world is garlic and onion sautéing in olive oil. When I was in college, I was waiting in line at the post office. An older woman came in and was noticeably flustered. I started talking to her and found out that she had just had an argument with her husband. I asked her what it was about and she told me she was irritated because she had been working all day cleaning the house while he sat on the couch watching TV. He had been hounding her to make him some food and she was really annoyed that he couldn’t get off the couch and make himself  “a damn sandwich.” So, she put some olive oil, garlic, and onions in a pan, turned on the stove and left. She said the smell of the onions and garlic will trick him into thinking she is cooking. “He’s going to notice you’re gone eventually,” I said. “So?” she replied. I laughed and think of her every time I cook with olive oil, onions, and garlic.

Cucina Kristina: Garlic, Onion, Olive Oil

Best smell on Earth!

Taste – I bought a pack of Chimes Ginger/Mango Chews while I was waiting in line at Binny’s. It was a total impulse buy, but I am having a hard time exercising self-control with them! They are SO good. Definitely recommend them.

Happy Friday, and have a fantastic weekend!


6 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday

  1. I enjoyed reading your five senses Friday blog. The oil, garlic, and onions story made me laugh. I believe you will be a great creative teacher who will inspire those you teach.

  2. Loved today’s post…it lifted my spirits. I, too, just love the smell of garlic cooking in oil. There’s nothing like it. (don’t know if I’m supposed to respond here, or not) I’m leaving this affternoon to stay overnight at Dar’s. Tomorrow we’ll be leaving for Ann Arbor to see the UM/MSU game. We’ll probably stay overnight at Don’s or Dan’s near Detroit. So happy the Det. Tigers defeated the Yankees in a 4 game sweep. Now it’s on to the World Series!! Grandpa Seilo would be sosososo happy. Every time I talked on the phone with Pa, (from Calif.) his first question would be, “How are the Tigers doing?” When I was a little girl, and when Pa worked the day shift at the mine, I’d always go to meet him at about 4:30 p.m. I’d take my dog, Queenie (little rat-terrior). We’d walk down the sidewalk, then over the bridge (where the river water was red, due to the iron ore)…then we’d turn left and walk on a narrow path up a small hill leading to the mine. The path was made by men walking back and forth to work…a short-cut so to speak. Queenie would spot ‘Pa’ first, as her ears would perk upward, and her tail would begin wagging. I can still see ‘Pa’ with that big smile on his face, and swinging his dinner pail he was holding by his side as he walked toward us. Then as we met on the path, his very first words to me were, “Donna, how’d the Tigers do today?”(I remember how fast Pa would walk home…Queenie and I had a difficult time keeping up with him) I was the biggest Tiger fan back then, and knew every player…the line-up and all. When Pa worked the afternoon shift and the Tigers had a night game, i’d write out the whole game on paper for him…word for word…telling him all the main details of the game. Then when he got home at mid-night, he’d sit down at the kitchen table and read all about the game. Those were the days of NO TV, and the radio was like a best friend. I remember when the ‘voice of the Tigers’ died (Harry Heilman)….our whole family felt like we lost a family member. Even grandma was sad, because his voice was so familiar coming into our kitchen each day during baseball season. Usually while we were sitting at the kitchen table eating supper. (as we called it) So, when the Tigers won their 4th game last night, putting them into the World Series, my thoughts were of Grandpa Seilo. Just loved my dad sosososososososo much. Sorry, I got off the subject there. Next week Duane and I will be heading for the Mayo Clinic to see if the doctos can zap more of those bleeding blood vessels in his upper intestine. He’s needing blood transfusions every other week, now. Say a prayer. Thanks. Love, Aunt Donna oxxo

    • Kristina, you are a great teacher. I wish you could sit in on my Spanish class. I am taking the class to learn Spanish. Little did I know I’d be seeing a great teacher in action. She is in command of her class through a sincere liking of and interacting with her students. She takes no “guff” but never puts anyone down. The class is ethnically mixed and she revels in the beauty and diversity of all the students. If someone gives a wrong answer she says, “good,” “no.” She is entertaining and funny, speaking form her own experience. And I am learning Spanish! I wanted to continue with Italian but it is not offered at a time I can attend. L/AP
      P.S.Hoo-ray for onions and garlic and olive oil.

      • I am also trying to learn Spanish. I took it formally in school for many years and forgot a lot of it since I never used it. It will be important for me to have Spanish skills as a teacher so I am thinking of signing up for a class soon. You and I can practice together 🙂

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