Leftover Brewed Coffee? Freeze it!

I brew my coffee every morning using an electric percolator. My mother used to make her coffee every morning out of the same pot I use today when I was growing up in the 80’s. Now, as the only coffee drinker in my home, I am usually left with leftover coffee. What can you do with leftover brewed coffee?

Cucina Kristina: Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays. Use to cool hot coffee without diluting it or add to a glass of milk for an iced coffee

Break out the ice cube trays!

Freeze it! Then, you can use the frozen coffee cubes to cool down a hot cup o’ joe in the morning or you can add a few cubes to a glass of almond milk and enjoy an iced coffee on a hot summer day. Like today. 84 degrees, 64% humidity, not even 11 a.m. Yeesh!

Cucina Kristina: Freeze leftover coffee and add to almond milk to make iced coffee

Iced coffee

Above, I have the Vanilla Chai-Spiced Coffee from Trader Joe’s – love! My grocery store sells individual packs of flavored coffee by a company called Steep & Brew for $1.29. The package claims it makes a single pot of coffee, but that is really inaccurate! I can typically get about 4 pots of coffee out of one bag. I tend to make my coffee quite strong, too. Some of their flavors include:

    • Icing on the Cake
    • Hot Buttered Rum
    • Amaretto French Roast
    • Chocolate Nirvana
    • Vanilla Taffy
    • Irish Whiskey & Cream


While we are on the topic of coffee, how cute is this ad for coffee from Beans & Beyond?

Cucina Kristina: Beans--Beyond---Extra-Strong-Coffee-Ad

“Hoo” wants another cup? 🙂


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