Something Old, Something New

Hello Internet!  My, how I’ve missed you. Ugh, I apologize for my lapse in posting, my absence has been weighing heavily on my mind over the past few weeks. I planned on doing some catch up blogging while I was in southern California over the weekend, but I didn’t have the free time I thought I would have while I was away (funny how that always happens). The good news is, I have quite a few posts sitting in my drafts folder so you will not be deprived for long.

Blush Bridal Couture - Tustin, CA

I spent five wedding-centric days in California running from bridal shop to bridal shop looking for my dress and bouncing between department stores to finalize our registry. I am 98% certain I found the dress I am going to wear on my wedding day which is so exciting I can’t explain it. However, I want to wait ~3 weeks and try it on again with fresh eyes to make sure it is the dress and not just the best dress I tried on that weekend. I was home for such a limited amount of time and must have tried on about 50 dresses between the 4 bridal stores we went to. I feel slightly snobby for saying this, but after a while the dresses all start to look the same. I would definitely recommend against marathon dress shopping to a future bride-to-be. Unless you absolutely have to cram it all into one weekend, take your time and enjoy it. Wedding dress shopping is so much fun, there is no need to rush the experience. To the left is a poof-tastic dress I tried at the request of my bridesmaid, Christy. Not “the dress,” obviously, but it was fun mix things up and try on dresses that were completely not my style.

Alfred Angelo - Huntington Beach, CA

Wedding dress shopping was a blast! I was shocked. I expected shopping for a wedding gown to be like shopping for regular clothes, where you try on 100 things and only a handful flatter your figure. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Each dress I tried on was more beautiful and more elegant than the one before it and it is impossible to look bad in a wedding dress (THANK YOU, Catherine de Médicis for inventing the corset!). To the right is another princess-style gown I tried on at the request of my Matron of Honor, Devon, and my mother. Can you tell how thrilled I am to have it on by the expression on my face? The princess-style gown has never been my thing. In fairness to this dress, it did not photograph that well. The skirt was speckled with sparkle so it twinkled as you moved, it was definitely better looking in person.

Matron of Honor - Devon, Bridesmaid - Christy, and Me

To the left, is a picture of half of my bridal party and me at Alfred Angelo. Can I stop for a second and brag about the gift Devon gave to me? She gave me her copy of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Weddings. It’s my first wedding-related “something old.” She also gave me my first “something new.” A planner so I can keep track of important dates over the next year. I opened it to find that she had already circled our wedding date and filled out a few other dates for me. Like, December 14 – Jesse’s last non-married birthday and April 22 – You will wake up as husband and wife. How adorably sweet is that?! I can’t stand it. But, that is why I picked her to be my MOH.

If you live in the southern California area and need some bridal shop recommendations, you can read my reviews and experiences on Yelp.


2 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. You look gorgeous Kristina!! Devon will be a wonderful MOH. I can’t wait to finally see you in your actual gown! = ) (Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I’m just so excited for you.)

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