DIY Raised Garden Beds

I got a slightly carried away at Kilbourn Park’s organic plant sale and purchased more plants than we had space for. Oops. They had so many things I had never heard of and, at $2-$4 a pop, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m weak! I admit it.

When Jesse and I first started dating, he cleared a patch at the back of the yard so I had a space to plant a small herb garden. Last year, I expanded all along the side of the garage and planted some tomatoes and peppers (hot and sweet) along with some beets and fennel. Up until 2 weeks ago that seemed to be a sufficient amount space; however, it became abundantly clear that I was slowly taking over the backyard we were going to need more space about 15 minutes into the plant sale when I had already filled an entire box full of budding vegetables.

Lucky for Jesse, I am full of ideas and came up with the perfect solution on the fly. He should build me a raised garden bed! There is a ton of information on the internet about building raised garden beds and they offer some really great benefits to home gardening. They allow for better drainage than traditional garden beds and give you the chance to control the soil quality and pH levels in your garden.

Assembly in process

In addition to the original patch of space in the back of the yard, the space along the side of the garage, and 12 pots containing various herbs, I had Jesse build two 4′ x 5′ raised garden beds. He was less than thrilled about having to dig up the grass under the planter boxes, but I have a feeling he will get over it in about a month when he starts seeing the direct result of his labor on our dining room table.

One down, one to go

We used untreated cedar wood to construct the boxes because the internet said it was rot-resistant and void of harmful toxins that you do not want seeping into your plants. Have you ever smelled freshly cut cedar wood? It’s fantastic. I’ll write a more in-depth post in a couple of days once we have everything completely finished and in place, but I wanted to give you guys a little sneak peak of what we were up to this weekend.

Box Duo: Making sure they are level

There they are, I’m so thrilled! In case you are wondering, we left the corner posts sticking up slightly because we have a bit of a squirrel/rabbit/cat problem and they like to munch on our plants. We’ll eventually have to cover the boxes with chicken wire to keep the animals out yet still let plenty of sunshine in.

Later this summer, I plan on hosting a “Garden Cocktail Party.” Not only will we be hanging out in the backyard, but we will also be sipping cocktails made from the fresh herbs and snacking on hors d’oeuvres made from the food we grew in the garden. Mmm, I can taste the bruschetta already!


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