Featured Kitchen Item: Soda Stream

Today marks my 31st trip around the sun and to celebrate my fiancé bought me a Sodastream. This was the very first item I registered for when we got engaged and I am ecstatic that I didn’t have to wait until a bridal shower or our actual wedding to receive this as a gift. My fiancé works nights so we celebrated my birthday on Monday, his day off. I have had this thing for ~48 hours and I have already gone through 4 liters of club soda. Is that normal? I might have a problem.

My instant obsession with the Sodastream gave me an idea for a series of blog posts. I am going to start a monthly series where I feature a kitchen item that I can’t live without. Ideally, I would’ve loved to post a recipe along with this appliance, but I have been too busy drinking club soda with fresh squeezed lime to come up with an original cocktail idea. I’ll start the recipes next time around. I promise. Until then, here is a photo tutorial illustrating how to make homemade soda water. This tutorial only contains 2 pictures because we are all about ease at Cucina Kristina. I apologize for the cell phone photos, my camera charger has gone missing. The phone photos will have to do until I find it.

Step 1

Fill the provided bottle with tap water. Hold the button down until the machine buzzes (approximately 3 seconds).

Fizz fizz!

3 seconds. Three! Certainly everyone has an extra 3 seconds lying around in order to make soda water housed in a reusable container. Pour your soda water into a glass and squeeze with fresh lime. If you want to make a cocktail, add vodka.

Each plastic Sodastream bottle has a shelf life of 2 years and they offer a glass option that, if cared for properly, can be used indefinitely. Imagine how many plastic bottles I will be able to keep out of landfills in that amount of time. I recently read a statistic claiming that bottled water accounted for 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year and that over 80 percent of plastic bottles are thrown away annually. That statistic didn’t specify wether it included countries other than the U.S., but I imagine it did not because the Sodastream website claims that, “globally, 206 billion liters of bottled water were consumed in 2008.” Accurate or not, those numbers absolutely baffle me and I am happy to taking a step towards reducing waste and reducing my carbon footprint.

There was in article in either my Yoga magazine or Real Simple (I can’t remember off the top of my head) that presented a “plastic challenge.” It challenged you to give up plastic for 1 week. Sounds easy, right? I mean you take your lunch to work in reusable containers and use cloth grocery bags. It can’t be that hard to avoid plastic for a week? That is what I thought too. It is next to impossible to eliminate plastic from your life completely. Virtually everything out there seems to be made with some sort of plastic component, but if you are interested in eliminating some plastic from your life, check out these 7 easy tips from GreenPlate as a starting point. I would also suggest trying the “No New Plastic Challenge” from re-nest.com. Re-nest challenges you to acquire no new plastic products for a period of one month. If anything, it’s worth reading the series and the comments to see how creative people got when they ran out of plastic items that they used on a regular basis. Items like shampoo or cream cheese are ones you may not think about as “plastic,” but think about the bottle they come in. See, it is not as easy as it sounds.

I don’t know about you, but I am inspired to take a 7-day plastic challenge. Anyone up for trying it with me?


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